Mariposa Agri-Nature Association

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The Mariposa Agri Nature Association is a 501(c)(3) volunteer supported program based in Mariposa County, CA.


The Mariposa AgriNature Association promotes conservation, understanding, stewardship and enjoyment of Mariposa County’s agricultural bounty, natural resources and scenic landscape, educating others on its rich agricultural heritage; its mosaic of rangelands, woodlands, native plants and wildlife; the interdependency of agricultural practices and ecological dynamics; and the many opportunities we have to discover, appreciate and protect this legacy.


Reflecting the policies and direction embedded in Mariposa County’s approved general plan, MANA’s goals are to: Promote protection of agriculture to help maintain the county’s rural character; Collaborate with local tourism, agricultural and conservation organizations to educate agricultural producers, other residents and visitors on sustainable agricultural practices and activities by sharing our firsthand experiences and other professional resources; Learn from and communicate with each other on how to live on and with the land without harming its productivity or impairing its ecosystem benefits; Promote long-term stewardship of our agricultural and natural legacy and public understanding of how they can co-exist; and Enhance community respect and appreciation for the county’s native flora, wildlife and their habitats, and build community commitment to conserving them.

Guiding principles

  1. Collaboration and partnerships are essential for sustained success.
  2. Engage the community in promoting and participating actively in agri-nature tourism.
  3. Offer exciting, dynamic, interactive, enriching and extraordinary experiences.
  4. Focus on quality and authenticity in experiences.
  5. Preserve and protect agriculture and natural resources.

Current projects

While a number of projects are currently under discussion, our main project is sponsoring the Farm and Ranch Tour. We have tentatively scheduled a tour for October 3, 2020, and we are finalizing plans. This will be announced in the local press and on social media. For a flavor of what these tours are about, please see our web site for the Farms and Ranches of Mariposa County – 2022 Farm and Ranch Tour.

Join us

If our goals and values appeal to you and you have ideas for promoting these goals and values, we would love to have you join us! Please send an email to info[at] (substitute @ symbol, email is listed this way as a spam deterent).